Ever since I was a little girl, art classes have always been my favorite part of school.

The chance to create, to play with different colors and textures and above all, to make dreams come true, is what art means to me.

As a young teen, I was intrigued by the mending pile, and decided to try and use the sewing machine. I didn’t know enough to make me hesitate or want to avoid mistakes. And so I simply threaded the machine with the help of the manual and started fixing some pants. The satisfaction I got from making old garments nice and useful again made me want to do more. I began buying pretty fabrics and making summer dresses for my younger sister.

That was just the beginning, and since then I’ve been sewing, experimenting, drafting, cutting, sewing some more, and constantly learning and improving my skills.

After almost 20 years of sewing, and attending various sewing and patternmaking courses, including being certified as a burdastyle teacher, I started teaching. I love seeing how simplifying the process, breaking it into small and easy steps can help anyone accomplish more than they would have dared to dream of.

Combining my love for sewing, and for teaching, I put together sewing courses and tutorials, which will provide you with all the knowledge and techniques you may need in order to sew easily and successfully.

So here I am, welcoming you to join me on this never ending adventure of sewing, and enjoying every minute of it (or most minutes at least, after all, as I’m also human- I do own a seam ripper and every so often happen to use it 🙂 )

Let’s go,


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